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Dogs can choke on many things, food, toys anything they find in the garden. In most cases a dog is very good at getting rid of the obstruction themselves, they will stand up, arch their back and cough until the obstruction is cleared. When they have it is a good idea to be ready to get whatever caused the obstruction away from them, in case they try to eat it again, which in many cases they do.

There are two types of choking

  • Full obstruction or severe choking
  • Partial obstruction or mild choking

In severe choking, it is a full obstruction and your pet will not be able to breathe, you may hear coughing noises without hearing the intake of breath if they cannot clear the obstruction by coughing you will need to take action.

A mild or partial airway obstruction is when there is something stuck in their throat, but they can still breathe. 

  • The dog can cough and remove the obstruction, in many cases, they do so successfully
  • If they don't a small obstruction remains in the throat, take them to the vet to have it removed