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A pet's temperature will be raised after exercise or if they are in a hot environment, like humans they are very good at regulating their temperature.

  • A dog regulates its temperature by panting
  • Hydration is vital always ensure your pet has access to plenty of cool fresh water, if you have more than one pet, consider having more than one source of water
  • Make sure that they have access to a cool, well-ventilated environment
  • Only give medication prescribed by your vet, never give a pet human medication
  • If you suspect that your pet has heatstroke seek veterinary help immediately, they will advise you on what to do
  • If your pet is hot and does not have a fever due to illness if you hose them down or they have somewhere they can swim and cool off, make sure that they do not go too far the other way and become Hypothermic.

Another reason their temperature could be high is that they are fighting an infection. This could be a simple infection that medications could cure, or it could be a more serious underlying condition. Get them to the vet so they can do tests and then recommend the best treatment. If you suspect your dog has a fever, do not cool them down by wetting them. You need to find out what the reason is for the elevated temperature rather than just wet them down as this could make things worse or at least more uncomfortable for the animal.