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If you know your dog has been bitten by a snake, the most important thing is knowing what kind of snake. And if you do not know what kind of snake it is but you can take a picture of it, then please do that, because it will help the vet then know the treatment that it needs to, that he or she needs to give your pet. Vets, as a rule, they do not carry the antidote to snake venoms in their hospitals, but they can get them from human hospitals quite easily. So, it is a matter of assessing your pets, making sure that they are safe to transport to the vet's, because if it is very painful, you may have trouble getting them up and moving them to the vet's, so for your own safety and for your pet's safety, find a way to get them to the vet's as safely as you can, and take that photo of the snake so your vet can treat appropriately.