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Now, one thing you need to do is check the temperature of your dog. Now, with checking the temperature, one indication that some people say is, "Well, just touch their nose." This is not a good indicator of their overall temperature. So, what we do need to do is actually take their temperature. And to do that, we use the rectal thermometer. We are not actually going to do it on Ella here because she won't be that happy with that. She never liked it at the vets, but we are just going to talk about how to actually take the temperature. Now, using digital type thermometers is your best thing to do. The faster it reads, the better. And what you need to do is just get some lubricant, and to pop the lubricant on the end. You can get small sachets of that. And then you can just lift the tail up, and you can insert that in, so keeping hold of this end, so you can see the display. Now, most of the thermometers will beep to say that they have reached the temperature. So, it is very, very straightforward.

The other thing is, if you actually are inserting it, we are just putting it in a round about 1.5 to 2.5 centimetres. It is not that far. But when you do that with Ella, she gets a little bit upset. So, what you need to do is make sure that she does not then bite you. So, if you are doing it, if you hold her head back with your elbow, you can actually just control where she is while you insert it. Or better still, always get two people. One can control this end, and the other one can take the temperature from the other end. And finally, what sort of temperatures are you looking at. Roundabout 37.5 to 38.5 degrees Celsius is the sort of temperature we are looking at. And again, you need to know what is normal, so that is typically normal type reaction. If you did take their temperature and it is higher than that or lower than that can indicate that they have a problem. So, this is the sort of information you need to get to the vet. An increased internal temperature straight after a walk or when they have been playing is one thing. But if it is at rest, then that could be more of a concern to you.